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alkaline protease

    This product is brown powder or granule, no lumps and deliquescence, no peculiar smell except fermentation odor. The package has two layers—inner polyethylene blown film and outer yellow kraft paper. It is an alkaline protease preparation refined by filtering residues, concentrating purifying, etc, based on starch (or sugar) as raw material. As an endonuclease, it can hydrolyze a variety of protein.

Executive Standards enzyme activity
GB 23527-2009 ≥50000


    Alkaline protease, belonging to serine endoprotease, is a protein without toxicity and side effects which has successfully applied in detergent enzyme industry. It can be added to ordinary washing powder, concentrated washing powder and liquid detergents for both household laundry and industrial laundry to effectively remove blood stains, eggs, dairy products, or gravy, juice and other protein stains. Moreover, it is treated as medical reagent enzyme to clean biochemical instruments professionally. In the field of biotechnology, alkaline protease is a tool for proteins (including nucleic acid enzymes) removal in the purifying process of nucleic acid without degradating DNA, averting damage to the integrity of DNA.