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      NB GROUP CO., LTD, located in Zouping County, Shandong Province, was reconstructed in October 2002. NB Group is a high-tech enterprise that it intergrates processing, R&D and international trade concurrently. The whole investment covers 13 billion RMB as our company takes up 700 acres of ground, has 4 producing industries, 6 subsidiaries and 1,100 employees including 120 technical personnel. In the first half of 2012, it achieved an impressive 10.51 billion RMB in sales and 0.8987 billion RMB in profit and tax.

     We take pride that our company continuously has won a number of honors, such as "Top 50 Tnterprises in China Feed Industry", "the AssociatePresidency of the China Feed Industry Association Enterprise", "the Excellent Enterprise of the National Science and Technology Innovation of Feed Additives", "the Advanced Enterprise in the National Feed Industry to Fulfill Their Social Responsibilities" and "Shandong Province high - tech enterpris", "Key Leading Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization in Shandong Province", and what’s more, the trademark ”NB” was awarded the Shandong Province "Famous Trademark", "NB" product was named "Shandong Famous Brand product". Mr.Zuo Kefeng, NB's chairman, was rated as one of “Excellent Creative Talents of Chinese Feed Enterprise 2010", "Ten Outstanding Young Farmers in Shandong Province","Zouping Ten Outstanding Young Individuals" and "the Country Stars of Zouping in 2012", and was elected as Vice President of China Feed Industry Association in 2010.

     We specialisedlyproduces three main high-qualified products—choline chloride, threonine, and vitaminB2. Amongst them, chorine chloride products have hit a gorgeousannual output of 200,000 tons, outperforming other similar products in the market. Since May 2006, our company has successively invested 600 million RMB for new projects aimed for threonine and vitamin B2. Now the annual output is marked with 40,000 tons of threonine and 10,000 tons of vitamin B2 respectively. Our products are being in large demand to be exported to Europe, America, Africa and othermore than 70 countries and regions worldwide. Sturdily executing "Providing livestock industry with safe and high-qualified feed additives attached to considerate bid and acting as a reliable supplier" as the mission, our company is going forth achieving customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and social satisfaction. Additionally, the approx one billion RMB considerable investment was already on hand for targets at constructing a top-notch R&D base for vitamins and amino acids series in domestic, running as many as more than 10 nutritional feed additives research projects, and striving for screening three to five new products every year and whereby ensuring one new product applied to the market through self-supported R&D and team cooperation.

     We have worked out an objective for the following 5 years that is the implementation of the "551 Project", namely, we make up minds to take 5 years to achieve an output of 5 billion RMB and enter the global top 50 and national top 10 by consolidating and elaborating the current process of choline chloride and upgrading vitamins and amino acids products to make "NB" a famous brand mighty into global feed additive industries.