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  • On 19 January NB Group 2012 annual management staff debriefing report convoked in the company meeting room

    On 3 Feburary afternoon Group 2012 annual awards ceremony and 2013 organizational meeting took place ceremoniously in the multi-purpose hall

    On 23 February a well-organized Lantern Festival gala in 2013 staged at the multi-purpose hall by NB Group

  • On 2 February NB Group 2012 annual working conference held in the second meeting room in Biological Industry Park


    On 7 March NB Group conducted fun games for celebrating the International Women’s Day

    On 16 April Drying Workshop carried out a series of fire drill activities in Technology Industrial Park

    On 8 May NB Group started an internal competition for work

    From 14 June to 15 June NB Group offered a skill upgrading training for personnel

    On 26 June NB Group gave an safety knowledge competition

    On 30 June branch symposium was held for celebrating the 91anniversary of party founding

    On 12 July meeting about work summary for the first half year of 2012 and arrangements for the second half year was held

    On 17 September provincial, city and county animal husbandry bureau leaders reviewed our company

    On 29 September NB Group successfully staged " to Welcome the Mid - Autumn Festival, and to Celebrate the National Day " theme fun games

    In October NB Group launched new products in succession

    On 1 November NB Group designed working AC and mountain climbing activities for correspondents

    On 9 November NB Group had fire drill activities

    On 13 November Mario, the president of the International Feed Industry federation, with his wife paid a visit to our company and offered some guidelines

    On 20 November Zhang Feng, director of the Office of Inspection and Quarantine of Binzhou, and bureau leaders came to our company for survey and instruction

    On 30 December NB Group organized 2013 New Year's recreation activities

  • On 11 February County Environmental Protection Agency came to inspect our environmental protection work

    On 21 February Quality Management Department provided a specialized training for analyzers

    On 23 February the leaders from General Administration of Customs Tariffs department came to do research

    On 7 March NB Group held a "Women’s Day Celebration" series recreation and sports activities

    On 8 March the delegation from City Animal Husbandry Bureau came over for observation and study

    On 9 March leaders from Industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch of Zouping County

    On 18 March Group company awarded the 2010 annual excellent units

    From 20 April to 21 April our company took part in 2011 Chinese Feed Industry exhibition

    On 25 April Group Companies simultaneously worked out the summer flood control and deployment to ensure production safety in the flood season

    On 6 May  teachers representatives from the Vocational College of Zibo came to discuss cooperation matters

    On 7 June Group Companies held 2011 safety quiz and progressively "Safety Month" series activities

    On 17 June directors in Indukern company of Asia and Europe Regions visited and talked about the cooperation

    On 30 June the Large red song party named "Singing red songs, praise to the party"  was held

    On 4 Jull Haosheng Secondary school held "NB scholarships" ceremony where our company representatives paticipated

    On 9 Jull Group Company successfully passed the quality and safety management system audit

    On 21 Jull Korean company HK GLOBAL paid a visit

    On 4 August Japanese clients came to discuss about cooperation matters

    On 30 August Biotechnology Industrial Park successful implemented the annual equipment inventory and maintenance tasks

  • In  February Director of Provincial Animal Husbandry came to inspect

    In  March 2007 summary commendation conference was held

    IN May the new technologies of threonine and vitamin B2 past the provincial technical appraisal

    In Jull inspection team from Provincial Animal Husbandry conducted examination and guidance work to our company

    In August Choline three expansion projects of choling chloride in NB Biotechnology Companies was completed and started operating, and succeeded after one trial

    In October Participated in VIV China (International Trade Fair for Intensive Animal Production) held in 2008

    In November Professor Ge Shoujiang, expert of Ministry of Science and Technology paid a visit to our company

    In December Professor Chang Biying from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences came to inspect for cooperation

  • In April the production of vitamin B in SHANDONG NB BIOTECNHNOLOGY CO.,LTD started formally

    In October NB Group listed "Top 50 Feed Industry in Shandong Province"

    In October NB Group held a ceremony for the opening choline chloride three period project

    In October NB Group accepted the audit certification from NGV certification working group and successfully passed the vet

    In November NB Group adopted inspection certification from a panel of experts of FAMI-QS, and got the certification

  • In April the project of achieving a productivity of 10,000 mt of threonine per year started out

    In October Shandong NB choline chloride designated as "Famous Brand Product" in Shandong Province

    In December Shandong NB Group became the deputy unit of Animal Husbandry Institution in Shandong Province

  • In April conferred as an enterprise of AA grade credit by Agricultural development Bank of Shandong Province

    In May President Zou Kefeng recognized as outstanding private entrepreneur

    In July Shandong NB Group established Xian office

    In Jull Asia-America Department, International Sales Sector, Shandong NB Group, was found

    In October the 400 acre-sized NB Industry Park go down to its construction

  • In January President Zou Kefeng named as an outstanding private entrepreneur in Zouping County

    In Jull conferred as an enterprise of AAA grade credit by Agricultural development Bank of Shandong Province

    In September President Zou Kefeng named as top ten brilliant youth peasant in Shandong Province

    In October conferred as an enterprise of AAA grade credit by Construction Bank of Shandong Province

    In November the expansion project of a productivity of 40,000 mt threonine started building

    In December our brand “NB” commented as "the Famous Trademark in Shandong Province"

    In December listed in top 50 enterprises as to the comprehensive strength in livestock industry in Shandong Province

  • In June the expansion project of a productivity of 28,000 mt choline chloride tried its operation the first time

    In June conferred as an enterprise of AAA grade credit by Agricultural development Bank of Shandong Province

    In August passed the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System certification

    In October identified as the key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Shandong Province by the provincial government

    In November won the municipal Youth Civilization Demonstration unit

  • In Jan Shandong NB co.,ltd was found

    In April inducted one of high-tech enterprises in Shandong Province

    In June conferred as an enterprise of AAA grade credit by Agricultural development Bank of Shandong Province

    In December the brand "NB" listed in "Famous Trademarks in Shandong Province"

  • In February Binzhou NB Pharmacy co., ltd was found

    In June conferred as an enterprise of AAA grade credit by Agricultural development Bank of Shandong Province

    In October awarded the technological innovation demonstration enterprise By the Shandong Provincial People's Government

    In November choline chloride won the famous brand in the International Agricultural Expo of China

    In December Qingdao Haidatongxin Feed co.,ltd was established

  • In April  Zibo NB Feed co., ltd was established

    In May President Zoukefeng won "Ten Outstanding Youth in Zouping County"

    In June conferred as an enterprise of AAA grade credit by Agricultural development Bank of Shandong Province

    In Jull Dezhou NB Feed co.,ltd was established

  • In March Binzhou NB Feed co.,ltd was found

  • In March Qindao Haida NB Feed co., ltd. was found

    In December honored as the famous brand product in Binzhou City

  • This year the production of choline chloride improved greatly from 2,500 mt to 7,000 per year

  • This year Zouping County Yinfeng Chemical Factory was established with its leading product choline chloride