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Vitamin B2

     Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, is slightly soluble in water, stable in neutral or acidic solution under heating. It is a composition of cofactor of yellow enzyme responsible for deliverying hydrogen in the biological redox in our body.

Executive Standard Specifications
GB/T 18632-2010 80%
GB/T 7297-2006 98%
GB/T 7297-2006 96%


     L-threonine is an essential amino acid, mainly used in pharmaceutical and chemical reagents, food supplements, feed additives and so on. Among them, feed additives call for a rapid increasing demand for L-threonine that is often added to the minor piglets as the second limiting amino acid and poultry feed as the third limiting amino acid.

Executive Standard Specifications
GB/T 21979-2008 98.5%

L-Lysine sulfate

     This product is brown flowable powder with specific odor and hygroscopicity. L-lysine sulfate was produced by biological fermentation method and got concentrated to 65% after spray drying.

     Uses: L-lysine sulfate (feed grade) are clean flowing particles with high density and good processing properties.

Executive Standard Specifications
Q/1626BNB 006-2012 65%


     Through biological fermentation and drying process, L-valine was produced, appearing light yellow or yellow crystal or crystalline powder, odorless, tasting sweet but bitter afterwards.

Executive Standard Specifications
Q/1626BNB 008-2012 65%
Q/1626BNB 007-2012 98.5%


     This product is yellow or white crystal or crystalline powder with melting point 289 ℃, odorless, slightly bitter. It is slightly soluble in water, less in ethanol and insoluble in chloroform but soluble in sodium hydroxide solution or dilute hydrochloric acid and very easily in formic acid. It will get colored once exposed to light in a long time.

Executive Standard Specifications
GB/T25735-2010 98%

Choline chloride 70% liquid

     Feed grade aqueous choline chloride is colorless hyaline viscous liquid with slightly peculiar stink. It was produced by reacting aqueous trimethylamine hydrochloride and ethylene oxcide.

Executive Standard Specifications
HG/T2941-2004 70%