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The panel from province Entry-Exit?Inspection?and?Quarantine?Bureau came to inspect our group

Article Source:信息中心 Views:5672 Time:2015-11-18 10:33:23


Led by section chief Li Qiang from Shandong CIQ, experts group  composed by section chiefs of the Animal and Plant Departments from CIQ in Binzhou and Dongying, came to NB GROUP and studied the guidance of the production of choline chloride on October 29.General manager Hao Changming, deputy general manager Xin Yongmin, deputy general manager Zhu Cuiyun and other NB associated personal received and escorted all the leaders.

The section chief Li said this expedition was in order to welcome the audit work from EU FVO November 11-26, and hoped that NB GROUP made the preparations for the third time on the basis of the two these receptions NB had made, and then the underground and matters needing attention were introduced in detail by Dong Li from Binzhou CIQ.

Expert group made a plan as a whole and understand to the production site of our company.Then patrol the workshop, raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse amd other sites carefully. And make a detailed inquiry about the equipment of production line, process of operation, management mode and ect. at site. They gave a full affirmation to our facilities and the management mechanism.

At the end of meeting, the expert group collected a few small problems found at site, and supply the corresponding improvement scheme.After listening to the report of group company’s development planning, they gave a full affirmation, and require our NB to keep carrying forward the management way of high standard and strict requirements, to creat our group into a model of feed industry. At last, general manager Hao thanks the expert group’s coming, and base on the representative of feed industry to welcome EU FVO twice in 2007 and 2014, we will strive to meet the FVO audit work of 3rd time.