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NB Group taking part in the 2013 China livestock Feed Industry exhibition and promotion of scientific and technological achievements

Article Source:NB Group Views:8819 Time:2013-4-28 15:28:01

     On April 19-20.2013, the 2013 China Livestock Feed Industry Exhibition and promotion of scientific and technological achievements was held ceremoniously in Chengdu. NB Group’s Chief Executive Zuo Feng, General Manager Hao Changming, Deputy General Managers Liu Hongxin and Zhu Cuiyun lead the marketing team of 11 people to the exhibition, and had commercial talks with nearly 500 domestic customers and foreign customers from the United States, Germany and so on from more than 20 countries and regions. As the matter of fact, this talk helped us broaden the sales areas, build up a platform for international exchanges and cooperation within related industries and enhance our international competitiveness.

This Exhibition was directed by China Feed Industry Association and National Animal Husbandry. Thousands of people including Gao Hongbin, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Department and President of China Feed Industry Association, Wang Zongli, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and other relevant leaders and well-known entrepreneurs attended the opening ceremony. To improve the brand strength and demonstrate the size of our company, we occupied a special booth, magnificent and sparkling in the light shines, attracting many new and old faces whom we had warm communications with. During the exhibition, we were lucky that Gao Hongbin, Sha Yusheng, Vice Secretary-General of China Feed Industry Association along with other leaders came to visit our booth and posed for pictures. Through this exhibition, our company together with our products -- Choline Chloride, Vitamin B2, L-threonine, Tryptophan and Valine, etc. drew a high attention, making us and our products more popular.

     Our company would take the exhibition as an opportunity to actively implement the "one step ahead" development strategy enabling our products to keep the advancement in technology, cost and quality. We should and have to continue to stabilize manufacturing technology and product quality, and cope with changes in an external environment and customer’s needs flexibly and be able to manufacture market-oriented production with different specifications to satisfy customers’ demand and further enrich our present product structure. In the meantime, we adopted evaluation and incentives aiming at sharpening the creative ability of R & D team because we are to introduce five enzyme preparations, two large variety of amino acids and two small varieties of amino acids, and one food additive, and try to push three or more new breeds to industrial production, as a consequence, the competitiveness of our products in science and technology would get improved.