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NB Group holding literature and art party for celebrating the Latin Day

Article Source:NB Group Views:6005 Time:2013-3-3 14:09:12

     Let’s make a booming Latin Day! On 23 February, there are no vacancies other than happy laughs filling in multi-function hall where NB Group held literature and art party for celebrating the Latin Day. Meanwhile it is a time to recall back the great work we achieved last year and open up a beautiful journey for new year. Hao Changming, Executive General Manager, Zhu Cuiyun and Wang Jinguang, Deputy General Managers, LI Yongquan, Financial Deputy General Manager, Liu Hongxin, Marketing Deputy General Manager, Wang Jun, General Manager Assistant and Director of Administrative Office, and Yan Tongxin, General Manager Assistant attended and watched the show.

  At 6:30 p.m, the purdah of show was pulled off under two kids’ nursery rhyme. The fantastic combination of two cute faces and beautiful light shine delivered a vibrant feeling. That show not only reflected traditional shadows but also its extension. That indicated us that we caught up modern pace, and showed a new outlook in new times. The song "love each other" narrowed the space between people and expounded NB’s elegant demeanour appropriately. Performers immersed passion into music, setting off the spot atmosphere to a climax. Love song duet "Happy Lovers" had a beautiful melody and smooth rhythm so that the whole hall was flowing romantic atmosphere at once. Despite the chill in early spring, the dances "the most unusual national wind" and "Happy worship" let the audience feel the endless vigor and sigh how nice youth is. The cross talk "the story of growth" from Finance Ministry created another tide. The two actors’ performance impressed us freshly. And it turned out that there are so many personnel capable of acting who almost deal with figures in Finance Ministry. The free talk  "Three Sentences and Half " talked about company's development only, which was close to the lives of staff and fitted into the voice inside them, was praised by beholders. Maybe the male beholders could learn some experience in the opusculum "If You Are the One" in which men try to appear the best before four charming women, and some made a match successfully, however, some weren’t so lucky—luck doesn’t come to everyone at the same time.  Boys duet "Old Boy" tells the voice of how many old guys, and also the longing for a better life. The song "Auld Lang Syne" performed by the Marketing Service Centre of International Trade deeply impressed the audience with the fact that our company is connecting with international track, the concept to be a reliable supplier, the admiration to the selfless dedication in sales and good wish that NB would build a everlasting friendship with customers. The song "True Hero" sung by the personnel inMarketingServiceCentercontained a wealth of manhood and as the last show, it meant that under the correct leadership of NB, all staff, namely NB’s heroes, will create a more brilliant fortune!

      After the performance, NB’S leaders walked up to the stage and posed for pictures with all performers and expressed their confidence in R&D team.