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NB Group holding the 2012 annual Summary Commendation and 2013 Working Arrangement meeting

Article Source:NB Group Views:8134 Time:2013-2-4 14:10:49

     On February 3. 2013 afternoon, the 2012 annual Summary Commendation and 2013 working arrangement meeting was held solemnly in the multi-function hall. Hao Changming, General Manager, gave a work report named "Enhance innovative capacity, increase production levels, extend sales scale, realize production and management goal in 2013". The meeting commended the 2012 annual advanced workers and teams, excellent team leaders and managing cadres and outstanding units in safe production; Liu Hongwei, manager of Biotechnology Industrial Park, Yu Changjiang, manager of Science and Technology Industrial Park, Wang Zhen, Director of R&D Centre, and Yan Tongxin, Manager of Domestic Marketing Center and General Manager Assistant summarized and addressed new work arrangements in 2013 successionally. Additionally, Li Yongquan, Vice President made a 2012 annual financial report. More than 270 staff representatives attended the meeting hosted by Liu Hongxin, Vice President, such as members in General Manager’s office, excellent individuals, advanced teams reprezentatives and each unit representatives.

  At first, Wang Jinguang, Deputy General Manager stated the recognition of all kinds of advanced decision in 2012. there were 6 teams including Synthesis Workshop team named "NB Group’s 2012 Annual Advanced team"; Jiachong Yu along with other four persons in Drying Workshop won the " NB Group’s 2012 Annual Excellent Team Leaders"; Wang Wei and other 33 people listed into" NB Group’s 2012 Annual Advanced Workers". Biological Industrial Park Manager Liu Hongwei and other four people won the" NB Group’s 2012 Outstanding Management Cadres"; and eight units like Synthesis Workshop in Science and Technology Industrial Park designated as " NB Group’s 2012 Annual Safe Production Advanced Unit". Zuo Keshui, working for Science and Technology Industrial Park, Li Fupeng, team leader of Drying Workshop, Meng Fanyong, director of the Secondary Fermenting Workshop all gave typical speeches on behalf of  advanced staff, excellent team leader, and brilliant managerial cadres respectively.

    Hao Changming, General Manager, gave a work report named "Enhance innovative capacity, increase production levels, extend sales scale, realize production and management goal in 2013". Report provided a comprehensive review of the Company's production, development, sales, material supply, project construction and completion of basic management in 2012 and highlighted a profound analysis of the deficiencies existing in work, focusing on the work arrangements carried out in 2013. Report clearly pointed out that in 2013 our company will seize the opportunity to implement the "one step ahead" development strategy with reform and innovation as still breakthrough, and improve product competitiveness in science and technology by enhancing research and development capabilities and the introduction of new products development. Moreover, continue to push a refined managerial job, optimize the production process and reduce production costs to ensure a stable production levels increasing; what’s more, strengthen the construction of marketing teams, improve the assessment and incentive mechanism, make most of advantage of company's products brand and quality, enrich marketing tools, and increase market share; And improve the human resources management system, standardize human resource management procedures, focus on corporate culture building as the annual key items. We are confident in achieving the 2013 target set up for production and operations as we are trying to promote transformation and upgrading of enterprises and accelerate the pace of being bigger and stronger by all means

     Hao Changming, General Manager indicated in the report that in 2012 under the joint efforts of all staff, our R & D, production, operation, management and other work had made gratifying achievements, and on behalf of members in NB would like to thank everyone’s ingenuity and diligence devoted in NB’s progress. But while celebrating the achievements, we should also clearly recognized that in 2013 NB set up more grand and ambitious goals and more challenging and onerous work, thus under the smart leadership of board of directors let’s get together, work on innovative and practical job, catch each chance, meet challenges courageously, work solidly, forge ahead, complete the 2013 annual production and operation objectives, and create a better tomorrow.